One of my hand made dog bowties

Wow I I really slacked on my blog!

Hi all! With Christmas around the corner, I thought I'd touch base on all I've been up to. This year has been tough, I traveled to and from Florida father lay dying of cancer. I buried my father, I also bought my first home and moved into it in Oxford, AL. I've got lots of products to upload, I also have been working on a Jean line I some baby onesies, purses and I'm purchasing a laser cutter/engraver this week, this will open the door to mass producing some less expensive things but still made well, I've got some wood items I've made too.

Most don't realize I make memory bears, tshirt prints and custom designs, I can do any type of paper customization like cards, wall art, invitations, advertisements, I do custom jewelry, purses, leather work. Pet clothes and accessories, baby items. There's literally nothing I can't make. Upcoming, look for guitar straps, glass and leather engraving, costumes and so much more. I hope all have a wonderful holiday. On, and look for me in many Appalachian tourist spots soon!

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